Important Considerations to Make While Designing Your Home

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  Styling, Orientation, Layout, Lighting, Colors...There's Quite a Few Attention Grabbers to Consider During the Design Phase

Exterior Styling to Conform to the Lot

  • Wooded lots require lots of large windows to let in natural light. On all sides facing woods or Northern sides, consider using transom windows, ganged double hungs or casement windows, long fixed vertical picture windows, arched windows, and staggered long horizontal windows.

  • Lot grades which are flat or slope down away from the front require pulling the foundation up higher to enable the house and front landscaping to show majestically. This also makes rear lower level walkouts and higher basement ceilings easier to design.

  • Fronts facing the North present difficulties for showing the house. Consider selecting lighter brick and siding or light stone to lighten the exterior front and smaller darker accents to add the required contrast.


  • Side entry garages allow you to express the architectural style of the house more effectively than front entries...and they allow the house to appear significantly larger. If the lot is large enough, consider placing the garage entrance to the side.

  • Natural lighting in garages add utility. Consider adding windows to the front and back or windows in the automatic doors. Windows in a pedestrian access door also add styling and utility light.

Interior Trim and Built-Ins

  • Everyone, from your guests to your real estate agent, loves built-ins. But, they are costly. Consider placing built-in bookcases, curios and corner cabinets, and entertainment centers in central locations like hearthrooms to maximize visibility and enjoyment while reducing costs. And, don't forget the hidden electrical outlets for connecting backlighting fixtures.

  • Stained wood work reduces maintenance efforts years later since it doesn't need painting. Consider selecting light stains, though, since more people prefer natural colors than darker woodwork; lighter stains allow better color contrast when selecting lighter wall paint such as pastels.

  • Trim work such as base moldings, casings, door and hallway jambs, crown and dentil moldings and other accents such as rosets add a splendid touch throughout your interior. And, they are not as expensive as you may think. Check our Trims and Built-Ins page for supplier ideas and to see what others have done.

Interior Plan Flow

  • Open floor plans lend to the first floor living area spaciousness. Consider opening interior walkways and linking family areas, like the kitchen, hearthroom and dining areas, in open designs. This facilitates family communications and allows for easier entertaining.

  • First floor master suites are considered a very desirable feature in a home. Consider arranging floor plans to accommodate a first floor master suite since you will probably retire in your new dream home.

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